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Intermittent catheterisation is a clean procedure which entails passing a tube into the bladder to enable the urine to drain and then removing it. The catheter tube has eyelets at the tip of the catheter to allow the urine to drain and a colour coded funnel the other end. It is easy to learn and can improve your quality of life.

Meatal Dilators

The WyCath meatal dilators have a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion, the coating is activated by simply adding tap water to the sleeve of the dilator. WyCath meatal dilators are 11cm in length and available in 2 styles: Standard bullet end Tapered tip. Made from DEHP free materials.

Drainage Bags

Flexicare drainage bags are available in various capacities, meeting different user requirements. All flexicare drainage bags are fitted with a none return valve (NRV) to prevent reflux and protect the user against ascending infection.


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