WyMedical was acquired by Flexicare Medical Limited as of 1st October 2016. It's been an exciting few months where we have aligned the business needs and transferred personnel successfully.

As a valued customer, we want you to know that the products have not changed and you can still expect the same great quality, ease of use and wide range that WyMedical offered previously.

Flexicare will be expanding the portfolio and offering additional products. You will start to notice the product packaging and marketing materials gradually rebranded.

Flexicare is a leading UK manufacturer of medical devices. Backed by over 30 years experience in design and development, supported by a modern manufacturing facility. Flexicare has built a world class reputation for the supply of medical devices.

Based in South Wales within a purpose built plant covering 48,000sq feet incorporating clean rooms, state of the art manufacturing equipment and warehousing facilities, all combine to make a fast response to customer's demands.

WyCath Meatal Dilator

Meatal Dilators

On our hydrophillic coated meatal dilators, the coating is activated by adding tap or bottle water to the sleeve of the dilator. WyCath meatal dilators are available in 2 styles.

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WyCath H2O

WyCath H2O Catheters

The WyCath H2O range consists of a hydrophilic coated catheter with an integral water sachet which can be activated simply by pressing the button.

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WyCath Uncoated Catheters

WyCath Uncoated Catheters

The WyCath nelaton range of intermittent catheters are uncoated and we recommend that they are used with a water based gel to ease insertion and reduce friction on the urethra.

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